nVidia(8xxx,9xxx,gt2xx, gt3xx) Driver Crashing only in TF2 version of Source Engine - *FIX*

I am one of the people that was affected by this crash bug where the driver would just stop responding and not recover when vehicles or clientsidemodels were being rendered. I’ve searched all over for a solution, and I finally decided to try a few things out. I was able to get GMod to work without crashing using texture quality LOW with mat_dxlevel 110. That wasn’t sufficient… I wanted better texture quality, so I raised it to Very High and crashed each time within minutes of being in the server. I changed it to High and crashed within a few additional minutes in the server.

What is the difference between low and high/very-high texture quality aside from larger files? Bump-mapping, reflections, color-correction, etc may play a role in some of the issues. I decided to look further into why I was crashing with high/very high but not low. So I found a link to a post which listed a lot of commands regarding graphics ( the post was to set all graphics down to worst possible quality ever ). So I had to dig deeper and figure out which variables accessed which parts of the advanced video settings. So I mapped them, and some settings modify several vars which wasn’t a problem.

Some of the things I changed ( can’t remember exactly, but I can somewhat recall they are in the advanced video settings part of the autoexec.cfg provided in the links below; or just below those settings … ). Shader Detail, Water Detail, Color Correction, Shadow Detail ( although shadows didn’t affect the crashes when I changed them, I typically always run low quality shadows ), Filtering mode, AntiAliasing ( although AA didn’t really change anything with crashing either, like filtering didn’t either ), and a few of the other vars I changed. Some of them didn’t have any impact, but the last edit I made was to reset the texture detail to max, color correction to disabled, water, shader and possibly a few others. These are most likely the reason for the crashing ( my guess would be shader and/or color correction; I’ll try running some tests later but for now I’d like to report my findings to see if others don’t crash when running my autoexec.cfg, dxlevel 110, launch options, etc… )


Try it out, let me know. If this corrects the problem for you guys like it did for me, that’d make me happy that we can finally enjoy non-dxlevel 81 settings!

So have you tried out dxlevel 90/95 and 98?
Its generally the goto solution for these kind of problems.

You need to set it through the registery, because if you use -dxlevel it sets it, but reverts all your other graphics settings, and then when you change the graphics settings it reverts the dxlevel.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Source f\Settings

Yes, Those of us with the video card in question would crash on all dxlevels except 81 unfortunately.

If you use the autoexec config and the launch options, it resolves the crash and then you can use dxlevels above 81 without crashing!

If you type mat_dxlevel in console, then restart your game, you’ll be on that dxlevel. You don’t need to set dxlevel in the launch options. As for the autoexec config, those are to ensure the graphics settings aren’t changed and they’re set up to prevent crashes for those of us unlucky enough to have trusted NVidia.