Nvidia Control Panel Ambient Occlusion in Gmod

so a few of my pictures lately have had ambient occlusion, and i’m sure at least some of you are wondering how I did it
well here’s how i guess
so for the first step you’ll have to open your nvidia control panel, which tends to be in the show hidden icons part of your taskbar


then for the second step you go into manage 3d settings, scroll down the list, and find hl2.exe


then you change the settings to what you want, get proper AA in there or whatnot, that’s all up to you though, I’m just going for the AO now

but don’t think you’re done just yet, since gmod does not render foliage AO or transluceny properly, nor does it preserve AO when you turn on sdof
for an example i’ll use one of my recent shots

looks pretty meh, because the sdof removes the AO
but to get it back, here are some few simple steps
in gmod, turn on fog, and make it start and end at 0, be all white and have 100% density, then go into your camera angle, and just do a regular screengrab
if done right it should look like
then you load the shots up in your editing program of choice, and put the AO pass in a layer above the regular shot
but oh no, it renders the AO behind the smoke and on the foliage all ugly like and shit
which looks bad
so you’ll have to edit the parts you don’t want ao on away, which I usually just do with polygonal selection and feathering at like 50
it varies based on the size of your shot i guess, on some things you won’t even need to do the removal
but hey
gotta do it here
here’s how it looked with the completed pass btw

at any rate, the nvidia control panel is super handy for nice looking soft shadows that looks like they’ve been shaded in for the most part
so you know what to do(if you’re using an nvidia gpu)
get ambient occlusioning

and if anyone have any issues
feel free to ask
[sp]i may or may not respond, it depends on my mood[/sp]

Huh, very intriguing.

Cool beans man.

I need to try this

Extremely useful.
Nice find, ninja.

Why I decided to go to AMD KNOWING that I could do this I have no idea.

How about ATI videocards?

I’m sure AMD must have something similar to offer through it’s Catalyst center.

Also I tried this back in 2011, so this isn’t terribly new for the OA in Nvidia but your technique’s new.

Really useful, thanks!
Which NVidia card are you using BTW? Mine is GTX 760.Bought it 3 months ago.

You can’t enable AO with AMD cards that is why I bought Nvidia card.

Really? I thought you could.