Nvidia Geforce 6600 to 9800 GT and *NO CHANGES* Please read!

Ok so heres the deal, i have a pretty old computer and i went to best buy to buy a brand new PNY nVidia 9800 GT XLR8. After i replaced my old 6600 with the new one i launched garrys mod and i still had 40 fps. W T F. Sorry im really pissed off cause i taught id go below 100 fps with it… I seriously need help!

Is there any place where i can find the best nVidia control panel setting for gmod?

I tryed to tune the nvidia setting in the control panel, i gained a big 2 fps… I tryed overclocking it and nothing has changed, i even get 39 fps in css! WTF :(.

PC Specs.

1.5 gb DDR Ram.
CPU : Intel Celeron D 2.66 GHZ
Motherboard : Asus P5GL-MX
Video card : PNY GeForce 9800 GT XLR8 > 1024 mb ddr3.

PLEASE, HELP ME!!! i wanna play garry’s mod! It’s my favorite game!

Be glad you got that some people have REALLY low end computers

40fps seems perfectly acceptable to me. I suppose I would have expected something more given your computer specs.

I’m thinking if you’re getting the same performance with different graphics cards, then having poor graphical power wasn’t the problem. My video card is worse than that and typically I’ll get 60-70 on GMod, more on other Source games.

Thing is, your CPU and RAM both could use a bit of a boost but neither are bad that it’s really time to upgrade.

Why are you so unhappy with 40, though? I’d be fine with that.

Ok thanks for the informations. Im unhappy with that because when im at 39~40 fps and i spawn for example a phx object, it decreases to 20 fps, then when i spawn another, it goes to 14. It always decrease! Im so mad, i bought this card 179$ For NOTHING…

That’s an incredibly sharp performance decrease just for spawning a prop. Maybe there is something strange going on here.

Yes indeed! That’s why im so sad of having lost 170$ On a brand new card that didnt helped my computer a bit! The only game i could see a difference was in San Andreas Multiplayer… :\

EDIT: I have overclocked my GPU a bit and it didn’t changed anything!

Well no wonder you didn’t get a performance increase. It’s not just the GPU that makes performance. A celery processor? Jeez.

Are celeron d’s very outdated?

Not so much as outdated, rather more like the Pentium D (2 Pent 4’s on 1 chip) era (2006 to 07/08 I think) - Doesn’t seem like much but in processor world that’s an eon. Not to mention DDR1 RAM? late 06 when they phased out for DDR2, and that’s slowly starting to age.

Well, physics are processed on the processor. And he gains a major FPS drop from spawning a physics prop, so I’m guessing the processor is the main culprit.

Ok well, thanks a lot for the information guys, i think that i will save up my money for a new custom built pc. Im sick of 20 fps!

Will a 9800 GT work on my system?

AMD athlon 64 (X2) Dual core proccessor 5000+ 2.59Ghz
2048MB (2GB) DDR2 memory

Motherboard Name HP Compaq dx2250
Motherboard ID 08/22/2007-RS485-SB600-6A666M4LC-00
Bus Type AMD Hammer
Real Clock 200 MHz
Effective Clock 200 MHz
Bus Type Dual DDR2 SDRAM
Bus Width 128-bit
Real Clock 200 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 399 MHz

GPU bus PCIe 1 X16

Currently on a 7300 LE

Yes it will! Is your power outlet 500watts?

Outlet to where? I know software, not hardware. I don’t really know much bout electric either.
I’m using EVEREST, so where can I find that infomation?

If you can, try looking at the back of your pc and check for a fan at the top of the case, it is located near by the slot where you plug in your computer. Anyways, im sure its gonna fit and work like a charm in there cause the card needs 2gb of ram and 400 watts power outlet and my computer has 1.5 and 350 watts of outlet… And it still works! So go ahead and buy it :).

I’m saving. £50/80.
I don’t think I’ve ever opened the case…

Nice! That’s one really good deal actually.

Prices have been going down.

Well I never

Update your CPU and RAM.

I replaced a 8600gt 256mb with a 9800gt 1024mb and had no fps increase what so ever. Then I’ve updated my 1,8ghz dual core cpu to a 2,5ghz quad and then fps went up.