NVIDIA ShadowPlay can't record in Rust

I’m trying to record some videos in Rust with NVIDIA Shadowplay and i can’t record, it’s not show me the fps count and not recording when i click on the record button.
i saw in Shadowplay website that Rust supported, so what’s the problem?

Rust isn’t actually fullscreen, it just pretends it is.

Gotta enable desktop capture in Geforce settings then it will work fine. FPS counter doesn’t work at all though.

i don’t want to record it in desktop capture.
that’s why opened this topic, that they gonna fix that.

I had the same issue. Open nvidia geforce experience and go to games to see if it shows rust there. If it does and you are not getting the shadowplay corner graphic then you will need to reinstall geforce experience. Its very easy and wont affect anything.

If you don’t see rust in the games section of geforce then go to preferences and then select games subsection on the left side of the geforce panel. Make sure that in the locations window the path to your rust install is there, ex D:programfiles/steam/ and then use the “check now” option where is says game scan. If rust still doesn’t show at this point then you will need to reinstall geforce experience.

Geforce experience sometimes misses games, its a thing.

i tried what you told me to do, i reinstall geforce exprience, and rust still in the list, i get in to the game and it’s still not show me the fps counter and allow me to record, and you talk about the legacy version? because i’m talking about experimental.

You need to enable desktop capture to be able to record in Rust

look what i send the other guy, i don’t want to enable the desktop capture.
i know that this is the only way right now, but i open this topic, that you are guys gonna fix it.

Title is misleading then. Holmzy just explained it can but you start being a dick by telling him to fix it for YOU.

it’s not just for me, a lot of people want it, they just don’t say it and record with desktop capture.
i want to record normal, if they can’t support with this record software so why Rust in supported games in Shadowplay?

You can install Open Broadcaster, put the game into Borderless Windowmode
and add a Window record to OBS through you GPU’s Shadowplay function.
Works fine for me. Should also for you.

Oh and by the way… the game is not finished.

you tried the record software Action!?
if yes so you have delay problem in the videos?

I dont know that tool. In OBS there is no delays but even IF you can add and remove delays in OBS.

it amuses me when people justify their own wants with vague “everybody wants the same as me” statements; especially when they have no proof to back up their claims.

Just because Rust is listed in Geforce Experience doesn’t mean that Shadowplay supports Rust recording. If you want to record Rust with Shadowplay then enable desktop recording, If you don’t want to enable it then don’t use Shadowplay … Simples.