Nvidia + Source = Black Screen Of Death

Driver crash. Game screen goes black. Doesn’t fully recover. CTRL+ALT+DEL to shut the game down and then restart it.

Common problem for many people in Gmod and TF2, I hear. Including me.

Has anyone found a way to get the game back without shutting it down the hard way?

I have the current Nvidia drivers. I remember it restarting properly on an older driver but want to know if a workaround has been found before I do a downgrade to a much older set of drivers. I’m officially annoyed off my tits.

Doesn’t always BSOD for me, but when my drivers crash they instead just doesn’t draw the window. I can interact with the games with keyboard input and sounds, but I can only see what’s behind the Garry’s Mod window. This has been happening for months for me.

Maybe better if you contact nvidia about it. Since this seems more like a driver problem then a source problem…

It only happens in one map, rp_downtown_v2, and only in Garry’s Mod.

Reinstall Garry’s Mod.

Odd. It can happen to me on any map.

I only experience it in Source games.

I’m getting this issue too, with my GTX 680, the screen just goes black, and I can’t see anything after that, so I end the process. :frowning:
Drivers version installed is 301.10

Yeah, I actually have this happen to me to with my GTX260. Hasn’t happened in a few weeks though.

Happened with my 9600GT. Apparently it was the beta drivers, because I rolled back to 295.73 and it stopped crashing.