NVIDIA's GTX 980 Ti not optimised for Rust

Hello, I’ve recently upgraded my GPU from GTX 670 to GTX 980 Ti and realised only a slight improvement of performance (have like 30-50 FPS on maximum details) and the card itself uses only 40% of maximum power… ;/

It seems like Rust doesn’t “motivate” the GPU to work with higher effort.

And I don’t have any other bottle necks.

LF to fixing this problem.


Rust is not optimized for basically any GPU, it’s not the GPU that’s at fault.
Regardless, here’s what you can do to get the best possible performance from Nvidia cards:

See if this provides any performance improvements.

What CPU do you have? What res are you playing at? I find it odd that you’re capping out at 30-50 on that card as I have the GTX 980M in my laptop and with everything maxed out I sit round 60-80FPS @ 1080P