NWG Soldiers attacks a underground enterance. -CID


Nice job setting up the scene, took me a few seconds to realize it was that canal map.

Well you were the one who thaught me all about scenes.

<3 me likey

Nice work, i really like the posing, but the muzzle-flash on the soldier (The guy with the fancy hat.) could’ve been improved.

it’s a smoke cloud not a muzzel flash.

Very good.It’s gonna be in my wallpaper file.

I like the use of the canals maps.

Thank you gentlemen. :downs: Feels good to be posing again.

Ok, well then the smoke could’ve been improved, but it’s still a nice pic!

How could I improove it? Just saying it could be improved doesn’t really help all that much.
I’m not trying to be a douche I’d just like to know what you think seems off with it, so maybe I can make it better next time.

Great job creating an interesting scene. The medic in the bottom right is kinda out of place but everything else is good. Curious what are the models by the tank?