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Looking for a community of members that are active, friendly, all around the world and mature? Want to stop going solo? Want the ability to try out for an Elite Squad with some of the most skilled within rust? The New World Order is for you! We are well known all around RUST & it’s forums.

NWOClan is Currently Seeking:

  • Active Players over the age of 16 and at least 200 hours of play time
  • Players with Team Speak & Mic
  • Players who want to be part of a friendly community
  • Players who are mature yet fun to play with.
  • Content providers and forum posters!
  • Skilled Players for the exclusive ELITE SQUAD.

What separates us from other clans around?

NWOClan has their own:

  • TeamSpeak 3 Server
  • RUST Server
  • Youtube
  • Website! (None of that .webs or .weebly BS!)
  • Community of active members that love to play RUST as well as other games
  • Organized Squads

Joining NWOClan is pretty simple.

We have recently made some changes in the way we take in new members.
Add me on skype, search the directory for tduvyt. Once added, I will let you know the TeamSpeak 3 information and you can jump in the action immediately. There will be a tryout period in which your skills will be evaluated and we will determine if you stay or leave.

You’re done! We hope to see you in game. **


Awesome clan! Lobe these guys!

Good clan … I’ve had lots of fun with these guys :smiley:

Awesome clan! Love these guys!

Your fifth thread for clan recruitment, eh? Four wasn’t enough? :zoid:

This will be the last, sorry for that!

Had a good time with this clan so far. Recommended! :dance:

Everyone in this clan is thankfully not a squealing child. They actually have an idea of what they’re doing.

I suggest you sign up and fuck bitches. You don’t get money but are you going to complain?

Loads of fun being with this clan. And they got great chicken too.

Seems like a cool clan.

I love all the accounts posting here with less than 3 total posts. Desperate much?

Not really sure why you felt the need to comment.

Thanks for the free bump…

Way to dodge my question :wink: Bumps aren’t going to make people join you.

Was, “Desperate much?” a legitimate question/not rhetorical?

I still don’t see why you are commenting…

Yeah, clanmates said good things about the clan and shared their experiences…

That makes me desperate.

You got me

Fellow clan members! Make a forum account real quick just so you can bump my thread! Make sure to only use 1 sentence to make it more believable! Then everyone rate each-others posts!


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Now wipe that salt off your shoulder and leave.

Hows that recruiting going?

It actually says to do this on the clan’s webpage… along with a forum thread about how to circumvent bans.

It’s not as bad as soulie’s sketchy 420Bluntz (or w/e) clan, but it’s getting there.

Wow and here I thought I was being (semi) sarcastic.