-NWO Nuketown 24/7 Arena - Competitve Ranked -

Fed up of abusive admins? Sick of hackers? Then join this server with bullshit free active admins that will help you enjoy your time on this server. Features: half-craft, 3x durability, daily airdrops at 15 players

NWO has decided to recreate the world famous Nuketown map from Call of Duty Black Ops, and Black Ops 2 in RUST! Come check us out and have some good’ol PvP fun with the NWO clan and your pals!

To join, hit F1 and copy and paste net.connect net.connect into the console. When you join in type /dm join in chat, you will be teleported to the arena!

If you have any problems, message myself on reddit, or an admin on our website, nwoclan.org! We hope to see you on the server!