Nwo recruiting

Are you looking for a tactical warfare clan that takes itself seriously, respects its hierarchy, and operates similarly to the real life militaries of the world? Then the NWO is for you!

visit or site ------------ http://nwogm.yolasite.com/


we are a serious clan and the site i have posted tells you what we are a bout and who are leaders are
if you are intrested there a links to our main forum and you can register

Btw,you don’t recruit on facepunch!





Maybe people would take more notice if you could at least spell a two word title correctly.


b4d sp3llingh is fore kool ppl



if you guys are going tho be ass wipes and post the most inconsiderate shit on a thread then dont look at the thread
i posted this here because its gmod

p.s. dont post unless your joining

It’s in the wrong section though. This isn’t a gamemode, a moderator should move it.

[li] This is gamemode discussion.
[/li][li] Its got free written all over it.

Although 2. isn’t a bad thing if you know what your doing.

It’s the clan, it’s called NWO. :downs:

Clans that abuse forums to recruit members, arn’t normally serious/fun/mature.

I’ll take it from here, Seinfeld.

Yeah, he made a mistake, but it doesn’t matter though. He’s moving it and this topic can be ignored. And yes my site is free, I don’t whine for money for the “services” I provide for players. I do know what I’m doing as well, the site is under construction and not even ready for publicity yet, I haven’t even begun working on a larger thread to post on Facepunch at a later thread. I have other things to do regarding the clan such as mapping and mobilizing everyone else.

My clan is one of the few that takes itself very seriously. I am a mature leader and my members are also mature. The clan respects its real-life ranking hierarchy and operates under those same ranks. We don’t let players pay for incentives to gain advantages over others, instead they must show dedication and advance through the ranks by being active, loyal, and honorable. You’ve got DarkRP kitty written all over you, so I wouldn’t even mouth the words “aren’t normally mature.”

If people are looking for a tactical warfare clan, then they are looking in the right place. However as I said, Seinfeld just made a mistake by posting it in gamemodes, and like I said, he doesn’t use forums a lot and this is his first time on Facepunch. Cut him some slack.

If it isn’t ready for publicity, why was this thread made?

i want to join but i wanna be a solider i dont wanna be some noobass weak ant builder hehe

I would love to join the New World Order.

Now you see why I was complaining in your other thread? You members seem incompetent and seems to have this urge to post EVERYWHERE not just in the one appropriate forum.

NWO is the Clan…

This is his first time using a forum - ever. He doesn’t know how it works nor would he understand the point of many of the different forums on here until he really looked around. I didn’t ask for this, in fact, I didn’t want people to go to Facepunch for any recruiting until I was ready to present everything to Facepunch. We’re obviously not ready, what with our forum still being proboards, the site being unfinished, and I haven’t prepared a thread to put on FP yet.

I didn’t ask for him to post here nor did I even expect he would. He didn’t notify either, but when I saw “Nwo recruiting” in the Gamemodes section I was interested to see what it was when I was deeply embarrassed it was one of my members who posted a line from an announcement I posted on our forums and then a short message of his own afterwards.

This is all a misunderstanding and I’d like it if this thread was ignored. I have requested this (and the other thread) to be locked for pretty obvious reasons - we were not ready to present to FP yet. Sorry, y’all.