NWO Recruiting

Please do not post in this thread anymore. He posted it without my permission and completely unexpectedly, I was waiting until later to post the same thread with more information after we finished the site.

Let this thread die.

  • russduck/Kung Fu Jew

Read this, because it will be the temporary first post until Seinfeld is back to edit it and put it there.

This clan is a serious tactical warfare clan. We are no CS kitties nor do we depend on a gamemode. We’re looking to expand by recruiting members who are looking for a tacwar experience on GMod. Though it’s hard to find people looking for that in a game like GMod, we wish to keep it fun all around. Our events consist of what the people wish them to be (or sometimes the leaders schedule them), but we have organized ones based on missions called Operations internally. These generally consist of some pretty tough things to do if you don’t think straight, and that’s why we will train people to understand what to do in those situations.

The site is not fully completed. Yet. It does get its point across though. Currently the clan’s going through a big change and we’re getting a different server, so we’ll probably just use other people’s servers until that happens.

Our server manager, GMonkey, is pretty experienced in the business. We’ve gone through multiple server providers looking for the best deals and best performance with the best service, but sadly it is hard to find a good game provider (seems like dedicated servers/boxes are the only hope, lol).

This clan is not a joke. As stated, it is serious and hopes to keep you in touch if you are interested in employing real-life tactics to conquer your enemies with us.

IF you guys are too lazy to click on the link for the site above, go right to the forums here: http://nwogm.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=info&action=display&thread=88

Also according to russduck, it’s an all serious clan. Yes this is true, but there is always time to mess around once in a while :3

And if you guys had a brain you would realize that the clan ideal failed, and will always fail, and that this is the wrong section. Good job :bravo:

The ideal failed, and will always fail? Yeah, right. It definitely failed. Also, what’s the section for this? We don’t rely on a gamemode, nor is there a clan discussion place… so what are you even talking about? This is Seinfeld’s first time on Facepunch, so I wouldn’t slag him about it. This is a group of Garry’s Mod players looking for fun and we are a community, and the clan is the innards of that community.

Please enlighten me, O great one.

Even once great clans that hold the best servers eventually fall

Oh I love how 09’ers use the excuse “First time, don’t insult, GTFO” When i signed up on FP, I lurked, I watched others and saw where to post, I didn’t just spam my shit everywhere. This belongs in Video Games discussion, unless is it directly aimed at GMod, and the main game played is GMod. I have seen a thread in Video Games discussion, and you aren’t dedicated to GMod.

And the ideal failed in the fact that clans were originally, a method to differentiate between players, so people could see and find their friends easier in online games. Instead it has become this twisted monster of little kids, and fairly no-lifer 20-somethings who make a clan then go around EVERY server trying to get people who managed to top the leaderboards, as they themselves, cannot, in a attempt to earn more e-peen. The clan ideal failed in so many ways due to the competitive industry, people stopped using it to play with friends, and instead use clans to assert dominance (LOL I r in 133t clan, u ban mi w fuk u up)

We don’t buy 50 servers and whine for donations from players. We don’t even have an incentives system - we buy singular servers and our server manager, GMonkey, pays for them with the money from his job. Because he has one. Jobs pay very good and it takes only a bit of responsibility, you see, so we are set.

However for now, our server is only down because we need a fresh start with the addon junk. It was simply getting too slow and it would be more work to remove the bad ones then start over fresh and simply put on the good ones.

09er? I’m an 06er, this is an alt. Go somewhere else with your joindate elitism. This is Seinfeld’s first time and it doesn’t even matter if it’s posted in here. Our clan plays GMod and GMod ONLY. Other games we do not play as a clan nor do we play them as often.

We aren’t little kids either nor do we no-life it. We don’t hide in servers and try to get the top of the leaderboards (and back when it started, I was generally around the top 3 in Darkland’s Fortwars gamemode, however the clan was not tied to that).

This is not a “lol we so1337” clan. This is a clan for friends and the big picture is that it operates like a unit when it’s time to do serious operations. So if you’re going to assume how much of kiddies and 09ers and junk, then you’re wrong, and you should take your angst somewhere else. There are people in GMod who like the aspect of getting one life in a combat situation, then using it wisely and when the whole thing plays out, at the end, nobody has died. The people in this clan enjoy what we have done and currently await a new server to continue the fun.

So, you think this is another CS:S clan that has 1000 members that the clan can’t keep track of and has little 5 year old admins? You think it’s going to turn that way because of a ugly past of CS:S clans that failed? You think we go out and brag about how “133t” we are? There are so many things wrong with your statement there, you judge a book by it’s cover and not the pages…

And if YOU had a brain, maybe you would realize that clans have potential to do things, instead of just failing in the first day. You know you’re wrong, because our clan has been up for 2 years, growing during those 2 years, and now we’ve finally brought our clan out in the open. Don’t like it? Get out.

If you didn’t even check the site, check it. You would realize that we actually make our own content for the server, such as maps, skins, etc.

But, the cover draws the attention :smug: If you do not present yourself well, I will not bother to look into it, which is why I used the stereotypes, be honest with yourself, the post that Seinfield made is lacking, it’s pretty much just a link to your website, I personally don’t like having to go to ANOTHER site to see what you could tell me here. And the last couple of posts have proven you aren’t the stereotype. If you want people to take interest, get that post fixed up a bit, include more information about who you are, what you do, advertise to us, don’t just dump it in a un-caring manner. You want to entice us into joining, not make us take a glance then close the page/tab.

And would realize the fact that it is in fact a Garry’s Mod clan.

The first sentence on the site: “New World Order (or just [NWO] for short) is a tactical warfare clan set in Garry’s Mod.”

One of the pages on the site is dedicated to the essential links and downloads you would want to get before going onto our server. I don’t think CSS has things you can find, as the site says, on “garrysmod.org,” I wonder what that oh-so-fabled site is, hmm?


I did not ask him to make it, I expected the members to go around recruiting elsewhere because I knew this would happen with the stereotypes. Seinfeld is a newer member of the clan and he’s only looking to help, our site is pretty barebones as it is right now. I have been thinking of making a bigger, more descriptive thread for a while but haven’t gotten around to it. I want the site to be finished before I do it so that I could have a tl;dr for people who don’t like to read too much and the post would be the main source of information.

I’ll try and give Seinfeld a bigger post to put up there. For the time being, the little that the site can present and what I say of the clan is what must be relied on.


I can edit skins and maps :hurr:ay!



Something’s wrong with your forums.

So let me get this straight your just another group… bullshit cover ups Believe in WOTS bullshit cover ups Says were 06’ers but are really 09’ers. Also I frankly dont give a shit what your year is. If you believe your year makes you some important person then do us all a favor GTFO and go fuck yourself with a 9mm.


Fun fact: Proboards is just a modified YaBB (Yet Another Bulletin Board)

Which is free.

Well, hey, good for you! Also, what’s wrong with them being Proboards? It’s free, easy to use… care to explain?

We don’t believe in WOTS, Joe, you do. I know who you are and I’m pretty sure you’re that guy who thought it was a new church or some shit. I’m an 06er, check my old alt “Kung Fu Jew”. Nobody cares what our year is, why do you think we do? Hexpunk only brought that to the table because it seemed to him we were a shit clan with no roots, no structure, and so on, but I’m pretty sure he realizes now, and you should too, we are not here to troll. The only one trolling here is you. (and everyone else in this thread who isn’t in the clan, I guess for some reason people are afraid of clans now?)

Why is everyone bashing us just because we have a group we call a clan? I shouldn’t have to defend something that I should easily be able to be proud of so far, which I am. It would be nice if somebody could explain why you’re all heavily judgmental, elitist, and arrogant. Instead of spamming up my thread with your useless bickering, how about you go somewhere else with your blind flames and hypocrisy.

I don’t really think I care nor do I think that’s relevant at all.

Uh. What just happened?

When you first started, I’m relatively sure your first post was bashed by some slob such as yourself. 'Tis okay, though, it happens to the best of us, and much like yourself, the worst of us. You recline underground for a few months then pop back up. Maybe not on this account, maybe not on this forum.

Well congratz, you yourself have finally transformed and deformed yourself into one of the fat slobs that pick on new people and ridicule them. Yes it was a mistake, Seinfeld put little effort into it, and next time he will spend time on it. 'Tis learning from your mistakes.

I honestly don’t know whose side your on, so… uh, either thanks or GTFO. Dunno.

Well CHRIST I sure hope so. After all, you need some intelligence to utter such a douchebaggy statement.

For one the so called church was the Church of Mingadom a church which was a joke in the belief that a great god named King Gnomincks will come back from Runescape and save Gmod from the dipshitted admins. The reason were heavy assholes is because we don’t fucking like anyone trying to make military groups on Garry’s Mod. If you want to make a military group make it on a military based game. Not a game that can’t have a true war and can’t hold the right boundrie grounds to support a real war. If you really think for one fucking second you can have a possible war on gmod then be my guest and become another minge chaser group like JFA,GMM,ANTI-M. You wanna know what happend to them? They had the same fucking belief as you guys but miserably failed because they figured they could enter campaigns on other servers and have real combat operations. So do me a favor reply to this post with your shit head rant on how your better then everyone. But if you really think your big men why don’t you go attack Gmod Soldiers,Caboose’s Army,or 68th AB. I’ll assure you in a minute of doing so you’ll have a bayonet shoved up your ass and will be runnning right back to Battlefield 2.

I don’t care what you have to say about your church crap, but whatever, go ahead.

And yeah, go ahead and flame and such while you don’t understand what this is. I’m not here to “lol start a warrrrr” on GMod with some other clan who thinks they’re a bunch of SAS while they’re actually just some BF2/CSS/etc kitties somewhat organized with a bunch of laggy contraptions, customized weapons packs, and so on. We have our OWN server and we practice real life tactics. So I’ll ignore your incessant flaming, horrible spelling, and misunderstanding of what a true tactical warfare clan is, because if you think you’re actually phasing anyone here… you’re wrong. It’s really cute that you try and shut us down when we’re nothing like those groups.

EDIT: When did we say we’re better then anyone? We’re different. Big time. None of the “lol im gonna make a big ol drama war on gmod” like you’re doing right here. I’d shut my trap before you give me even more dirt on you, I’ll let you know I’d like you to get out of my thread with your whining and flaming.