NWvars don't work, do they use the net library?

Before the update, all my code worked fine. After the update GetNWBool, GetNWInt, etc. when called client side don’t receive the values set on the server side. I have replaced net.Incoming both client and server side with my own data streaming function based networking interface, which is the only thing I can imagine could interfere. Where can I find how the NWvars work internally to see why they stopped working, or do they actually use the net library?

] lua_run_cl net.Incoming = print
] lua_run player.GetByID(1):SetNWInt( “Test”, 2 )
> player.GetByID(1):SetNWInt( “Test”, 2 )…
] lua_run print( player.GetByID(1):GetNWInt( “Test” ) )
> print( player.GetByID(1):GetNWInt( “Test” ) )…
] lua_run_cl print( player.GetByID(1):GetNWInt( “Test” ) )

Can’t be because you replaced net.Incoming

Are you sure you’ve updated your server?

app_update 4020 validate if I’m not mistaken…

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Heyo! I didn’t have the latest version. Thanks for your help!