NWVars not working

HI all,

When I set a NWVar serverside, only the server can read from it. The client doesn’t return the value set by the server.

This is a gamemode from scratch, but I also has this trouble with Applejack since the new NWvars update. What is causing this and how can I fix this?

ply:SetNWString("_Name", "John")

print(LocalPlayer():GetNWString("_Name", "No data!"))
returns: No data!

What’s causing this is you, or your server not being updated to the latest version of the game. (i.e. Either the server or the client are outdated )

Where are you doing this? You need to make sure your clientside print has time to actually receive the networked value before printing.

It’s set when I initially spawn or use the debug command “#load”, after that I use luapad to lookup the networked vars.

Good point, I didn’t updated my server a while, I forgot about that, I’ll do it right now.

That was the problem, thanks for helping!