[NY] Firefly | Noob Friendly! | PVP | Sleeper | Half Craft | No Admin Abuse

Server Information
Port: 28035

net.connect 28035

[NY] Firefly was started by a group of friends tired of hackers and official
server latency issues. We have active admins and will ban confirmed hackers
swiftly (we know the difference between good players and hackers). Cheating
is boring and ruins the game experience, and we aim to provide a Rust
experience without the headache.

Server Features

  • Door Share (NEW!)
  • Starter Kits (NEW!)
  • Noob Friendly
  • PvP
  • Sleepers
  • Half Craft
  • 150 slots
  • Airdrops when 13 or more players are online.
  • No Fall Damage (because it’s more fun!)

RaidCall Voice Chat
**[NY] Firefly ** runs its own RaidCall group (http://www.raidcall.com/go.php?sid=6695223)
to provide its players with quick, easy, and free group voice communication.

[NY] Firefly has active and friendly admins that do not abuse their powers.
You may see an “invisible admin” floating around periodically and teleporting
to different locations to investigate suspected hackers, but an admin will never
(a) steal your items (b) kill you or © destroy your hard-earned structures and

If an admin is not online, please send all hacker reports and in-game issues to

We’re starting to develop a nice community. After our first night, we had a peak of ~40 people online!
Come join the fun!

Still going strong and looking for more!


Great server would love to see more people hop on! Great PVP and people!

Looking for more!

Fall damage has been disabled for the time being to prevent the forced suicide exploit.

Good server with a pretty regular community. Admins are good and will work with you. Recommended.

Great server!! Play on it everyday

SGT HARTMAN was banned for being associated with a group of hackers/griefers/DDoSers

Any new players add me. I will get you setup for a good start!

Disregard this post.

We’ve talked it over, and we have agreed to unban you. Check your e-mail.

Very much appreciated.

So what’s the ETA on the server updates? There’s a lot up, but I need mah fix of firefly.

We are now running Rust++. Door Share, Starter Kits, and more! Also, by popular demand, Fall Damage will remain disabled. :smiley:

I’ll have to take the Vanilla out of the logo at some point now. :stuck_out_tongue: