NY,US - New Vanilla server, 04/17, no wipes, anti-cheat, default airdrops

Multiplay- (NY) - New - Vanilla - 02/17 - Anti-Cheat - No Wipe

F1 net.connect

Looking for the original game experience that won’t be erased, anti-cheat and without alot of C4? Try this new server hosted in NY, only a couple bases have been built so far. No admin abuse, default and rare random airdrops.

To connect in game at the main menu press F1 than paste " net.connect " in the box and press enter (next time you play the server will be in your history as “Multiplay- (NY) - New - Vanilla - 02/17 - Anti-Cheat - No Wipe”

Great server, helpful people join if you are starting out i have a house and alot of stuff now :slight_smile:

added mods nice