[NYC] |High Performance||PvP| |DOORSHARE/RUST++| |Wiped 1.19| |Active Admins|


We like to play this game a lot, and now we have a server.


Press f1 in the menu and type: net.connect to join
Last wiped 1/19/2014 (That’s January 19th you goobers)


Nice, helpful Admins
Good ping on the east coast, and you know… most places that are important
Noobs are welcome
Doorshare (The greatest thing on planet earth)

The admins are going to be on most of the day, every day, because we’re nerds who don’t go outside enough.

We’re not going to abuse our advantage to get free stuff, cause that’s really lame.

We’ve reduced certain drop/find rates of military items that we think should be more rare, but no ridiculous changes have been made.

If you’re a huuuuge jerk or are hacking we’ll ban you. Simple stuff.

Other Info!

We’re trying to make the server we’ve always wanted to play on, but could never find. If you have suggestions to improve it, please let us know!

Biggie Smalls is the illest. But you know this already.

This server is great. It’s fun with somebody almost always on.