[NYC] Rustafied - Fresh Server - 18+ - PvP w/ PvE zones - Low C4 - No Abuse - No Wipes

Hey all,
I ran a pretty popular counter strike community years back and have been itching to start up a new gaming community. After getting heavily addicted to Rust over the past week or so, I decided to start a server. I already have a core group of several people to help start the server but we’d love some more to help us create an awesome context for the new server.

Here are some of the rules (still a work in progress)
Respect other players.
Be an adult, this is a mature community, no kids welcome.
PvE zones are Small Rad, Resource Valley, Resource Mountain and Next Valley. This means absolutely no killing other players in these areas.
Every other part of the map is PvP (although KoS is still discouraged).
There is a community center and open apartments for new players outside Small Rad.
There is no raiding allowed in the community center area (this means all newb huts and the community center itself).
Raiding is allowed anywhere else in the server.
Absolutely no trolling or griefing allowed. No blocking players in their house.
This includes blowing doors off someone else’s house and replacing them with your own.

Here’s some info on the server:
Hosted in NYC
Running oxide with several mods (oxmin, motd, broadcast, antidecay)
I’ve turned item durability to .25 so you can use your hatchet for more than a day without it breaking
Custom loot tables making C4 slightly rarer to find then vanilla servers. This aims to make raiding not as commonplace and more of a big deal
Airdrops running every couple game days (with lower chance of getting 1 c4 per crate)

I want to grow slow and build a core group of admins to help enforce our policies. I call it Rustafied because instead of just banning someone who breaks the rules, I want our marshall’s to ride out and hunt the bandits down to bring rustice.
I am not posting the server info here. If you are interested, please PM me through here.