Nymphadora Tonks playermodel/ragdoll/NPC

Nymphadora Tonks is a character from harry potter and order of the Phoenix to Deathly hallows,Of Course my friend and i have an obsession with her and she would love a player model and rag doll and if possible an NPC…i LOVE her and if someone would kindly make these i have no idea how to repay them!

So if someone could make them…yea thanks (>^_^)>

15 Minutes Message:Anyone please do this one thing for me :3
30 Minutes Message:…no offers so far…Please???

My avatar is the front of her,a link of the image is : http://www.starwisesociety.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/tonks-promo.jpg

a close up of her face : http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/harrypotter/images/thumb/b/bf/Nymphadora_Tonks.jpg/150px-Nymphadora_Tonks.jpg

not one…little…“yes I’ll see what i can do”

…you all depress me…cant someone please answer my request?


dude, give it some f***ing time.

if someone cares, they’ll help.

if no one cares, learn to model it yourself

LOL i bet you and your freind want her as a ragdoll so that you can masterbait over the sex poses you make eh ??? lol

EDIT i’m most likey going to get banned for this lol

Quoting so you can’t edit

OI!!! my friend and i are just fans and i want a ragdoll because i had a personal Grimmauld Place map for posing etc etc.The npc is for something that i can kill or feed to the sharks on gm construct that i have and the Player Model is so i can make my:Harry Potter,Gmod style.(it’s a Machinima starring tons of my friends)

you mean a Machinima starring tons of your friends wackin off in the ragdolls face:D

shut up,by a machinima i mean like a comedy thing,or w/e.And the friends that are in it are all pros.So go die in a fire for all i care

Says the one who has a four year olds show character avatar

No one’s gonna do it if you’re a dick about this.

…i’m not…i’m just cranky…besides,i’m been thrown off on HUNDREDS of requests on my old account