NYPD officers

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] NYPD officers

[tab]Download:[/tab] http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=47282 http://files.filefront.com/theNYPDzip/;11395975;/fileinfo.html [/release]

A pack of 9 NYPD officers, wearing the shirt + tie uniform. Pictures:



The hat is included in the pack as a seperate model. The tie is ragdolled, like in my jacket and tie models. The pack doesn’t only contain that one model as in the picture, it has that body with all 9 male citizen heads. The pack also includes a spawn menu, so you don’t have to search for the models yourself.


Awesome. Reskin time :v:


I love your work Simkas thank you.

Awesome work! We’ve now have modern-looking police officers to chase Niko!



What is that supposed to mean?

Now you need to do all the females :smiley:

Seriously, nobody ever does the female citizens.

I hate the female citizens’ ragdoll, it’s awful.
The only thing I’d complain about would be the hat, the quality is not even close to as good as the skin of the guy and it’s sort of blocky.

I’m reskining this to make a gay cop. :v:

Finally a non-male_07 screenshot


Should make him a little bit fatter.

Oh ha ha, stereotypes.

Working eyes? You know what I mean.

nice!! very nie !
they are my npcs now ! =D

Negative on the eyes working.

I don’t know what to do with all these nice models!


Any chance that these can be made into playermodels? I’ve uploaded them to my server and tried to use them, but they move around in t-formation… I’m guessing this is due to them not having a skeleton?