NYPD + SWAT defend the Shop against the Horde

** The Horde of * BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPERS *** Misled



The tonfas(batons w/e) have a weird white line around them and the police man in the front is grabbing them wrong.

Apart from that the map looks a little bland.

And something bugs me… if they are getting overun by the horde why there is 2 cops in the back doing nothing but pointing at the fight? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohh, posing seems flawless tho.

Is there a mall map anywhere? I want to try to do a more epic Black Friday Attack, or at least a massacre

Unluckily I dont know :confused: Never needed a mall map.
You can always ask on the request section of “Mapping”, maybe there is one already made that its decently detailed.

Where is the blood? WHERE IS IT?

Absolutely funny idea. It’s like IKEA when they have sales. Rabid house wives killing everything in their path to get to the good offers.
There ought to be more women in the pic. Men are usually just innocent bystanders when a sale goes of.

Posing is nice. Scene looks chaotic and dangerous. As in real life with this sort of things.
Have funny.

RP maps have stores, you could use them but you should really use props to fill up the emptiness.

oh god I work on black friday, I fear it will be like this.


Smallville2 has a mini-mall, You should try it, also Funny’d

lol, love how it actually looks like none of the cops see the three running up top.

LOL, well lets see if any similar scenes play out this Friday. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Do they really need rifles and shotguns to deal with angry shoppers? Unless they’re rubber bullets or something…

Very nice idea! Made me chuckle! :v:

Nice idea. I thought this was going to be another unoriginal/generic zombie pic, so this is funny. You should make some more (and have more house wives in them).


lol nice one.