Nyx (Resident Evil: Outbreak)

-Rusty- has been wanting me to port Nyx for ages. Might as well do it now before he deploys again.

He’s the big boss in the final scenario of Outbreak #2. He has two models that I had to separate due to unforeseen consequences; a closed eye and an open eye.




This is great. I really miss playing Outbreak online. As laggy as the servers were it was still alot of fun. Great job.

so wtf is the thing? it absorbed a tyrant which means it’s really really big. it’s not a leech is it?

I wish Capcom would do an HD remake of Outbreak instead of CV and RE4. That would be sweet.

Nice. Btw your name, “big fat ass” is just as nice.

that gif brought a tear to my eye

Why does every monsters have to look like a bunch assholes?

WTF! A big walking anus ?

A rectum on legs with people attached to it. This ought to be used for something.
Nice work.

This is making me miss this game so much. Also, that gif is amazing. Kev’s got skills.

Hmm, an ass potato?


rastifan, go make a nude setup with it lol. you’ve got all the new RE5 models. although they aren’t really new anymore.

Because the creators wanted us to show no pity or remorse when fighting the bosses! Would you stick a rocket up a giant monstrous thing’s ass, or a…um… a cute little girl instead?

cute little girl, for reasons that should be obvious.

If you are a Japanese hentai creator, sure. Some of those guys aren’t right in the head.

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There are somethings not even I would do^^

HELL NO. Those guys are really messed up in their minds…