NZ or Aussie Servers

is this game able to be played in NZ or Aussie? just wondering if its worth getting not much point if im going to get horrible ping and lag constantly any kiwis aussies or admins able to confirm its playable down under?

Not buying till player servers or an Australian server

Depends on what you’re like with liking lag or not :slight_smile: I’m AU and yeah… it’s laggy but my internet connection is pretty woeful and I can still swing well enough with the higher ping. I remember the good old days when 300-400ping was good :slight_smile:

I have telstra cable and its definitely not lag free but its playable.

As OndieJ said it kind of comes down to what you want but i dont regret the purchase at all.

its playable but can have major delays when there is 150+ players on the server at the one time, a au or nz server would be great though

I’m from Queensland, Australia and I actually don’t find the game that laggy. I’m not saying there’s no lag but its very minimal and doesn’t effect the game that much.

AU players can play in US washington with only around 100-200ms its not too bad there will never be australian servers mainly 1. Country charges too much. 2. Small fan base.

The game is great there are plenty of aussies on just not enough to fill a server.

No thank u
Edit: get better Internet

Yeah the Dev’s are well aware of our needs but it’s up to them if they want to invest the money in oceanic servers…

Hopefully with the money they have made they can hire more devs/ make more servers in other regions :wink: