Oak Rust - Limited C4 - Active Admins - Cheatpunch Enabled

To connect: Press ‘F1’ and type/paste net.connect

Freshly wiped server
Wiped 2/24/2014
Located in San Jose CA
Fresh server! Come bring your group, or find a new one here!
Approximately 15-20 people already online and building their bases!

Active Admins
Several Admins that watch players actively, respond to reports of abuse, and are ready to help you out with structure misplacement etc.

Cheatpunch Enabled!
One more weapon to ban hackers and keep them off our server.

Rust++ Installed (Will be back when the mod is updated due to today’s patch - 2/25/14)
Door Share
Basic Starter Kit (use /starter ingame)
No Craftable Explosives (Grenades are craftable)
C4 drops from crates - lowered drop rate (No more C4 spam!)

Check out the Steam Community of “Oak Rust”
Support Email: oakrust@gmail.com
Subreddit: www.reddit.com/r/oakrust

greatest server i’ve ever played on.

:slight_smile: Glad you are having fun!

Great Server!!! Lets get more people on here to make it even better :slight_smile:

Just had our first event - good times were had by all!

nice active admins and no lag!