[OASIS] Wipe 1/20|Active Admins|1/2 Craft|Oxide|PvP|Party System

We came from various community servers which were obliterated by hackers and overpowered players (those not wiped for long period of times and those helped via admin abuse). Our mission in starting a server of our own is create an environment of which players can flourish in the Rust world. Whether you are a bandit that thrive off players or good-folk whom want to help others build and survive, we will be there to make sure that all game-play involved in and around you will be fair!

We are very active and fair admins! We are players just like you. Just tired of servers that are ruined by hackers and those that abuse their admin powers to build mega-structures for them and their friends. We will play with you along side or against you, like i said we are players ourselves and love the game just like you do (this is not a job to us though we are active, it is still recreation and I hope you understand)! The only time we will intervene as admins is when there is suspected hacking or suspected admin abuse. These cases will be taken seriously and a deep investigation will be done ASAP, that is our promise to you.

Server Name: [OASIS] Wipe 1/20|Active Admins|1/2 Craft|Oxide|PvP|Party System

net.connect (Press f1 on the main login screen and paste this into the console to join our server if you cannot find it via name)

Location: Washington, D.C.

Sleepers are ON

PvP is ON

Craft time 50%

Airdrops when at least 20 players are online

We run Oxide for Oxmin, and partys. The party mod turns off friendly fire for those in your party and allows group chats. Type /ghelp for info on how to create your party and manage it (more will be added later!) PVP is ENCOURAGED. That’s what you play for right? Lets have some fun!

1/24 broke the record amount of players (36)!
1/25 broke the record amount of players (43)!

New to the game? If I am on (Syres) I will personally help you and teach you the game. :slight_smile: There are many friendly players on this server that are also willing to help you learn and grow as a player on Rust!

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This is a very good server

Syres here! Bump and hope you see you all online :slight_smile: Happy gaming guys


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