OB Linux [PHX Broken]

So basically I’ve read 10+ topics about this and haven’t found a fix, When you install phx on a linux server, Some of the models will not spawn. And if they do spawn they spawn as “effects” Which as we all know have different physics than normal props.

The problem seems to be with the cases, Say if you tried to spawn the following prop.


And it didn’t spawn, this would appear to be because of your phx spawnlist. So you open your spawnlist and you find the prop, and the directory of the prop is:


(notice the casing, Linux is very case sensitive, unlike windows.)

So you change the casing to match, and then the prop will spawn, but it spawns as an effect. I haven’t exactly figured out why, Hopefully someone can shed some light on this situation.


Effects have no physics, I thought.

Your right, they dont

had the same problem.
I ghettofixed it by making a non case-sensitive partition, and mounted it as /srcds/
Some of the links i used:

Had a link to another guide that was more detailed, but i can’t find it.

Will attempt this, thanks. :smiley: