Obama model?

Can anyone retexture a model or model a president Obama for me?

Here’s some pictures :


Not for sex poses, no need to worry.

He looks awful in that last picture :stuck_out_tongue:

He sure do, I just randomly took a few pictures from google.


He nevers look good in any pictures of those.


No, he’s just being democrate. By this, I mean he’s a dick.

If you can get me the materials for that one jack thompson model I could give it a shot.

I have no idea what you’re talking about?
So, you want me to find textures of what?

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**I jizzed. ** :v:

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Something I found on a Chinese site.

For this you should use Silvio Berlusconi model…

why not just use the mercenaries playground destruction model?

I’m sure I seen that on Fpsbanana it’s not there but I swear I seen it there before.

I think the clothes are from GameBanana, and the low res face retexture from the Chinese.


I’ll have a go. Probably won’t be great, but i’ll try