OBB Scaling with Activate()?

Creating an entity with the model


and scaling it down by 85% while getting the OBB for it, however, I’m running into the OBB scaling down even further by 85% once I call Activate() which leaves me to having to hard-code the model OBB. Any idea why Activate() scales it down even further? I understand it is used to scale down the model (and some need to do it) but you would think it wouldn’t scale the OBB until Activate was called and it was correctly scaled down.

I’m thinking of having it create a second entity with the model, grabbing OBB, then using that value scaled by model scale to get the correct OBB instead of having to hard code on a per model basis. (e.g. changing models doesn’t require me to go through the hassle of figuring out OBB manually) Thoughts?

EDIT: Found out if I set model + model scale prior to ENT:Init(), aka when I call ents.Create(), I can grab the correct OBB values. Activate() seems to just scale the OBB down even more by the model scale. So I have it all worked out now. :stuck_out_tongue: