Obi Wan Kenobi?

I know that Obi Wan exists in at least three games: Battlefront II, Revenge of the Sith, and Force Unleashed.

So how hard would it be to get him ported? I think we could all appreciate a great Obi Wan ragdoll.

here is the model I ripped from force unleashed
format: psk, so its rigged already
now just find someone to do it, or wait until I get to it

Oh, what is this.

think he meant ep 1-3 obi…

No, episode 4 Obi Wan is also totally awesome.

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Nayr, man, you gonna release that?

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Since I know nothing about that and didn’t download the file, may I inquire which Kenobi this is?

ep3 obi
also nayr7259 you should either post a link or say im working on it ect, otherwise its just showing off with no info

So Plasmid, is it very likely you’ll be doing whatever needs done to Obi to get him into Gmod?

when I said wait until I get to it, that means like 4 months from now, im currently on my break

what about ep 1 obi… he is the best… mainly as the ponytail makes him look bad-ass

How are you gonna rig this…

its already rigged…

Sorry dude, but of all the prequel Obis, EP. 2 is best.

Jesus what are you, 14?

Ripp All Obi-wan
And Ep 4

Then re-skin current ep.4 Obi to make spirit Obi :buddy:

16 … but i just think it takes a real bad-ass to have a ponytail and kill stuff whilst not give a shit what people think

people with pony tails are those 40 year old assholes who walk into a bar and act like they know everyone

…And padawans. Anyway, he did kill Darth Maul as a padawan, so he is somewhat credible. Still just not as cool as he was in the others.

You make it sound like the people in Star Wars don’t live in a culture where they see hundreds (if not thousands) of strange and disgusting creatures every single day. After seeing all of these species they care about a dude with a ponytail? Grow up.

And who said their culture is anything like ours, where did it say in Star Wars that ponytails are considered ugly or stupid?

Obi-Wan only had a braid on the side of his head which was cut off when he became a Jedi Knight. It’s kinda like the knighting process with the Queen stuff in England.

Qui-Gon had a ponytail though and he was badass.