[OBJ] Bully Scholarship Edition Models

Hello Facepunch.

I’m going to be uploading models from Rockstar Games’ Bully: Scholarship Edition, the same company that makes Grand Theft Auto.
Bully was originally a PS2 game [Canis Canem Edit if you’re from Europe] and was ported over to Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PC in 2008.

The models will be in a .obj format and the textures will be in a .tga format.

Anyway, I’m going to be extracting the main characters and the clique leaders for now. Later on I’ll do some weapons like the Firecracker and the Spudgun etc.
Feel free to request a character.


Some pics:
Jimmy Hopkins:


Zoe Taylor:


Gary Smith:


Derby Harrington:


Earnest Jones:


Edgar Munsen:


Johnny Vincent:


Petey Kowalski:


Russell Northrop:


Ted Thompson:


All links are the same.


Oh this looks great! Can’t wait for it. :smile:

First post updated, added 3 links to download.

.ZIP size is 9.34mb.

Next up I’ll get started on weapons and some more characters. Like Dr. Crabblesnitch etc.

Well it’s about frickin’ time!

Can you do all the Halloween and Christmas stuff in the game?

Of course, do you mean props and/or character appearances?

I can do both, Bully’s files seem to identify the “seasonal” objects clearly.

E: That reminds me, I think I have ALL the Harrington House interior files ripped, I’ll upload them if they’re still on my HDD.

E2: Well, they kinda are. All the textures are ripped, just need to do the actual models now. Probably be done by tomorrow or Tuesday.

Good luck with the models.

I mean everything. I always looked forward to the holidays in Bully.

Bully Scholarship Edition Xmas pack done!

Models from:
Bullworth Academy’s interior
Boy’s Dorm
Bullworth’s campus.

The Girls dorm doesn’t have any Christmas decorations.

Don’t let the amount of models fool you. R* seem lazy and shoved a ton of them together in one file. [I.E Outdoor Christmas lights, there are loads, but only one file for them]

I’ve also included the props which you only see during the Nutcrackin cutscene. I call it Nutcracker.

Anyway, I’ll be searching for the Auditorium’s Nutcracker files, you know the backdrop etc.

Yes! thank you.

Next up: Nutcrackin models [Inc Jimmy’s outfit], weapons and Halloween models.

I’m rigging Jimmy now

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Also, can you port the Principal (man), the Headmaster (lady) and the minigame teachers

Do you think you can do the four prefects?

What the hell. Where are all these people coming from?

This thread made me want to replay the game.

Someone hurry up with that Halloween pack, October is almost here…