Obj Files to Source Filmmaker?

Hi, I am very new to Facepunch, as well as using the program Source Filmmaker. Now, I have multiple obj files that I have downloaded on my computer, and I was wondering if there was a way to export that file into Source Filmmaker, so I could have those files into that program for animation purposes. Unfortunately, I have searched everywhere, but haven’t found an answer. People keep saying that you need to export it as a smd file or something, and I got extremely lost from the other directions. I also did get lost because I found NO videos on this specific question.

Now, if anyone could explain to me how to do this in 3DS Max 2014(I have it) somehow and export it to Source Filmmaker in a very simplified way(since I’m very new to doing this) I’d be much obliged. Sorry for bothering any of you guys, I just wanted to know and all.

Ask in the Source Filmmaker section; this is the GMod help section.

Oh oops sorry I’m new to this website I didn’t know.