.obj to .smd ?

I have this on .obj format


I have no error when i export him to smd format but when i import the smd i have this


Idea what wrong ?

You need to give it a texture.

yeah, just slap any texture on it.

Ok thx i gonna try.

just wonderin, did you use LEOCAD to make those legos?

That work thx :wink:


Just so you know there is a way of converting .obj files to .smd without having to have any modelling programs (as long as there is only one texture applied to the model) using this: OBJ2SMD Converter. It’s quite useful for quickly porting props but not much use for anything else really.

Also are you going to release them? I’d quite like some more Lego bricks ^^

Thank you I know OBJ2SMD but it does not work if there is not at least one texture on the models

No sorry this is not for gmod

You can’t export an SMD without a material. Even if the model doesn’t have a material it will give it default.vmt.

Awww :frowning: What’s it for then?

This is not my creation, it just appealed to me to convert the models for source.
it will be for a campaign L4D

ooo, a Lego map? That would be interesting ^^