Object Context Problem.

Hello, I’m currently owning my own flood server. I’m running the fm_buildaboatcanal map.

If you’re unfamilliar with the map there is a roof placed at round start, That roof should not be able to be moved, Hell, not even i can move it with me physgun.

But somehow these russian “geniuses” found out a way to do it, So i got him to tell me, and yes he is permanently banned.

Apparently the object context menu is available for users to use. I’ve looked around and still haven’t found out a way to restrict them from it, What I’m looking for is something that will only make me (superadmin) to access the object context menu. Or even context menu at all.

Any And All Answers Are Appreciated!

You can use this GM hook to block properties: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/SANDBOX/CanProperty

I am not sure there is a context menu in a flood gamemode though.

Thank you for replying.

I will certainly look into the code, Not 100% If I’ll understand it though. ( I’ll get back on that later)

The way to use context on flood is by opening the chat then right clicking on doors, props etc.

So yes It’s very much possible and abuseable.

Oh, I think that is fixed in the next update of GMod.