object problem

for some reason any objects i create randomly change size,stretch,shrink,move around,and change colors

i keep getting this message

Hook ‘glon’ Failed: :10: attempt to call method ‘GetNormal’ (a nil value)

anyone know whats going on?

Same! just today it started for me. Everytime i press a key the objects move, change colour etc

Whats going wrong?

me too, i hate this gay stuff, lasers pop out and all this crap flies around

I hope this is some kinda sick joke. If this reaches the my servers, then wtf do I do?!

idk man i think u got 2 dl it from a diff server

idk whats going on im getting this too and i ttied redoing all of g mod i reccmond renameing your Garrysmod Index and once u start g mod up it will make a new one


Nm It says that on hte gmod Wiki but steam has locks on the folders cant rename it