Object Taking Over


Bumpmaps aren’t on this picture.
My computer is gettin worse. So my computer couldn’t handle a bunch of bumpmaps.

You should have poated this one with the other

That’s a good idea

what’s the point of that decontamination curtain in the background when it’s a single curtain in the middle of a field

what did they do to her clothes

“Special” forces.

Kinda weird to see one of the soldiers without any kind of mask (the one kneeling over the kid)

I really like the idea and the posing but the composition and overall presentation brings it down.

It seems a bit chaotic to be honest. Everything is spaced out and unorganized; bodies just laying around like no bid deal (same with the stretchers). Same goes for vehicles, lighting equipment, trash, etc. I see too much of the ground as well, it’s really ugly. Cover it with a prop in the foreground or something next time, just so we focus on what’s going on and not the ugly ground texture. Another nitpick I have is that the HH-60M (Medevac Helicopter) is WAY too close. By the looks of the main rotor blades, it’s taking off. So in real life, the targets lingerie, the props, the stretchers, garbage, that curtain, they would all be blowing away.

I thin this needs to be thought out just a little bit more, the composition needs work as well as the lighting. The posing is good, idea is good, just poorly executed in my opinion. Just needs more attention to organization and prop placement, that’s all. Good submission however! :smile:

So is it a virus break out or?
Either way it looks great!

The scenery of US Air Force base when virus breaks out.