Objective Completed. (Modern Warfare 3)

I debated whether to upload this one, but here it is anyways. If you couldn’t have guessed, it’s Captain Price at the end of the events of Modern Warfare 3. I tried adding in a bunch of after effects but GIMP was being contrary, so here is this.


Lighting is good, very nice high res model. I don’t like the location you picked, the ground-wall seam is very noticeable and overall it’s just bland. Better than gm_construct but it’s still pretty eh. Also are the things on his leg part of the model? They’re a little weird.

Price was in a Jugg-suit at the end of the game and had taken off the upper part after it got torn up.

Indeed, which is why I switched off the model of his legs with the one from the MW3 Juggernaut.

Biscuit-Boy: I spent a while looking for a location that looked like a helicopter had just crashed into it, but couldn’t find a half decent looking one that matched the scene from the game.

Looking pretty good, you could have added some rubble around the character to make it look less empty.

I do believe that Capt.Price was cut due to the glass when he went through it.

But overall it’s pretty well done, But it does look a little empty.