Objects gmod problem

Hello, first I want to inform you that I am a French and I thank google for these translations which will, I hope, correct.

So I come here because I have a problem with objects related to CSS, indeed, I do not have the game but I have downloaded the addons it takes:


So I have no texture problems but I have another: I do not have the css objects tab:


I have noticed that it was impossible to check “Counter Strike: Source” in the list, and I think the problem come from there but I do not know how to solve it .


Thank you very much for your reply, I hope my English will not be too pitiful!

•••••••••••••• -Hybries

Just buy the game instead of resorting to piracy and it will work.

No other way ?

You can make your own spawnlist.

Wow … I’ll try x) Thank you