Objects to Combat a Viral Outbreak

I’m trying out a posing thing where I’d be making Bigcity look like it went through a viral outbreak, but I couldn’t find very good props. So I had a few requests.

Could someone make some sort of sign that says, “this building has been quarantined” or whatever? I’m thinking of the Left 4 Dead ones, but I have no idea how to get any of the signs (such as the “now entering evacuation…” and “hands up”) into Garry’s Mod.

Body bags. I have the Silent Hill body bagdoll, but if someone could reskin that to a black or an olive color. On the matter of dead bodies, the Army would have been burning the dead, so one of my ideas was to have the burnt-out pile of dead bodies (probably could be done by mixing charples and such). Finally, since these places were overrun, I was wondering how I would get the “pile of dead bodies” from No Mercy, etc. I have L4D, the Dedicated Server, and the Authoring tools, but no idea of how to extract them to GMod (these bodies function like the trash piles: they are immovable, low detail, but are there to make the map look more devastated).

My other main request is if someone would kindly make a OD-green room-sized military tent, which may or may not already exist (I see it in poses, but idk). I want to place a couple of these to create things like “infected tents,” a military HQ, or a triage tent. Also, could someone make some sort of clear plastic tarp material, or perhaps a tent/isolation unit made of this material? I always see it in the movies, just that they’re flapping away in the wind.

A perfect visual reference would be 28 Days/Weeks Later. The Manchester barricade has all of the tents and such, and the deleted scenes from Days has the plastic tarp I talked about.

Quarantine/keep out/danger Signs

Body bags- — Side Project- pile of burnt bodies
The L4D generic “dead bodies” that lie all over the ground in No Mercy.

OD-Green military tent.
Plastic Tarp material/ tent.

Heck, I should start taking up mapping so I can do this myself (Manchester Barricade, anyone?)

Note, the tent should be a prop, as opposed to a prefab.

A map based off of “28 Days Later” has alredy been done. Check out the Left 4 Dead custom Campaign “Night Terror”, the first chapter is based off of it.

Well, just the mansion, or the abandoned fortifications as well?

That doesn’t exactly help too much, seeing that GMod doesn’t get along with L4D, and this was more about models.

L4D props- http://www.facepunch.com/showpost.php?p=14993311&postcount=1

Body Bag( Click the Filefront link)- http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=677597

Radiation Sign- http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=51342

http://www.fpsbanana.com/tuts/7679 Try that helped me port all the models back when I had no idea what any of it meant :stuck_out_tongue:

@Jason: Now your Ninjaing me you git :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont think he means readiation :confused:

Thank you all. This is awesome.
Does the L4D props include a tent/plastic perhaps? just wondering. (I have a L4D prop pack, so this one probably has way more)
Yeah, I thought about the Radiation sign, but I know that there are things like a district 9 Nonhuman reskin of the poster. The sign will probably be something along the lines of this (but modern)

Could have a go at hexing that for you (If I can find that sign model again that is)

Here you go.


Want me to hex that? (btw i’ve done that pic you put up as a poster as it seems it got dragged into my hexing stream :P)

sure. it will be better hexed.

Done ^^

Download page

Many thanks, man. Your country thanks you.

Here is a (semi decent) pic of the tents.

Is there a name for the type of tents used by the US Army? They use them a lot for aid stations, HQ’s and stuff, and it’s like the size of a room.

And by the way, I hate to keep requesting, but could someone make a version of the orange CEDA sign that Uncle_Earl posted? That was exactly the one I was looking for.

np :slight_smile: (for the hexing)

Also i’ve hexed that quarantine sign onto a poster while I was doing them and it will be in the next pack when I get a few more requests done :slight_smile:

Whee! Thanks!