Oblivion mod weapon rip.

I was wondering if anyone could get the two swords from a mod in oblivion, I’ve seen some rips from fallout 3 so I figured it is possible. here is a picture of the two swords.


and make them props in Garrys mod.
Here is the link to the mod : http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=22877

Thanks in advance.

I’ll see what I can do

I haven’t done much porting from Oblivion but apparently the files are .nifs like FO3, which I can easily port

If you or someone else can tell me what the swords names are? There is a lot of files and it would be really helpful

I believe in game they are called Kansho and Bakuya.

So Jason did you take up my request? :buddy:

I haven’t taken a look yet, I was gone for most of yesterday

I’ll be sure to look at the files tonight

Ok, you where right about the names but both models have a real high poly count

24,000 or so, which is to high for source

Well damn, Thanks for the attempt though.

24k polys for THOSE models? Someone needs to learn more efficient modeling.

I know, that’s a total waste!

That modeler needs to be slapped for such inefficiency. Even I’m not that bad. D:

They can be ported to Source, trust me, but it won’t be simple to do. I think if you separate the hilt from the blade so they’re separate objects in Max before exporting, then it should compile ok. I’m pretty sure models with larger poly counts have been compiled for Source before.

It can be done? :buddy: