Obscenely Poor FPS in Hammer 3DView

Hi guys,

First off, apologies if this is the wrong place to ask for help - I’ve literally never seen this website before until my desperate search for answers led me to an old thread on here.

I’m just getting started with Hammer, specifically for dota2 - despite a small foray into CS mapping a number of years ago.

I’m getting like 4 fps in the 3D Viewport.

I have a pretty beastly PC now, I run everything at 144+ fps, I have 32GB RAM as well.

If I check all my usages when looking at the 3D View, they’re all minimal; and yet even with a completely empty map, with the render distance turned down (even though I shouldn’t need to), and even only looking at the 3D wire frame… I have 4 fps. If I change the Viewport to any of the 2D views it instantly shoots up to 120fps.

I’ve tried changing all the settings down as I said, I’ve tried running as admin, I’ve tried checking out my GPU drivers…


Thank you very much in advance!

If your map is insanely complicated then the 3d view will lag no matter what. Hide parts of the map with visgroups.

However, a big cause of 3d viewport lag is something known as “radius culling.” Look it up and turn it off (if its on.)

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Post future questions in the question megathread please

if it’s a laptop, make sure it’s using the right gpu

and if you’re not faking your useragent, you should probably consider upgrading from xp

Thanks for the fast reply - apologies I will use the megathread in future. I saw some other people post specific program problems thats why I assumed I should make a thread - as it’s not specifically a ‘mapping’ question per se.

My map can be literally empty. Literally create a new map with nothing on it 64x64 and it’s got 4fps in the 3D View as I described in OP.

Giraffen93, I’m posting from a rubbish laptop at work that I use to do some software engineering :buckteeth:

The PC in question I use for Hammer is Windows 10, 32GB RAM, Dual GTX 980 Ti’s with an i7-6700K.

As I say, there are never any FPS problems on any application usually, it’s ever so weird. It’s almost constantly locked at 4 fps in the 3D view.

Have you tried this?

Oh God sorry, I’m a moron and forgot to reply to that.

Yeah, I’ve seen people talking about that in my search, can’t find it at all - but some people did say that pressing ‘C’ accomplished the same thing, and toggling that did nothing for me.

I’ve remote accessed my PC and taken a screenshot for you (wonders of technology) - I believe the radius culling should be up near the ‘cordon’ map tools? Correct me if I’m wrong, I’d love for it to be as simple as me being an idiot! :smile:

I’m pretty sure what Grenade Man has said applies to the Source 1 Hammer editor, and not the Source 2/Dota 2 Hammer editor.

thespicyjim, your framerate shouldn’t be that low in the Dota 2 Hammer editor, since I’ve had a fairly complex map loaded in the editor while running on a single GTX 670, and I had a stable tolerable framerate.
I have no idea what causes it, though.

Yeah sorry, my bad. I didn’t realize you were using the “source 2” version of hammer. But cynaraos is right, your framerate shouldn’t be that low no matter what.

Ah, I’m sorry (again :goodjob:), I didn’t realise there were 2 versions, I kinda made the assumption that Valve had rolled out the newer Hammer and it was simply an upgrade on the old one, which all games would now be using!

Well… darn… :saddowns:

Valve don’t really offer any proper tech support for this either, do they?

Ninja Edit: But thank you for responding / trying guys!

If only it were so.