Obscurity - A Graphic Animation Novel - 2011 Trailer

Obscurity follows a man named Daniel Harries, who has a trajic past he just cant forget about. On december the 31st 1999 he gets involved in an event that will lead him into a world of love, guilt and deceit.

Desperately trying to correct matters which have occurred, Dan trains to become a policeman and tries to make sense of his past through the use of his dream journal, but when his life starts falling apart from around him, he is faced with a new enemy, himself.

2011 Trailer.

Chapter One - My Real Heroic Dream Part One

Chapter One - My Real Heroic Dream Part Two

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I watched chapter one and i really liked the ending, the story telling reminds me of a PS2 game i loved called Dark Cloud 2, very good game, that and a tad of Max Payne.

It was good, i may watch more, although it seems its going a little too fast, the first chapter and he already has a love interest?

Just watched capters 2 and 3, i thinks its a little odd how the main character goes friendly neighborhood spiderman in every episode and does insane stunts like [sp]jumping off a building[/sp]