Obscurity - An animated graphic novel

Here is the intro to C.J Workshops new film Obscurity. The story is mainly drama with a few action scenes. It mainly revolves around a boyfriend and girlfriend where the girlfriend is cheating with her boyfriends best friend.

We have only just started working on the film and need voice actors to help complete it. The characters that need voice actors are below with a brief description on how they should sound.

Dan - Thoughtfull with a sense of logic in his voice.
Mike - Thinks he knows everything. Can be very devious.
Rachel - Innocence in her voice. Very beleiving.
Harry - Laid back. Always up for a laugh.
Lisa - Happy character sees the best in people.

If you are interested in working on this project please read the lines of the begining of the film and send them to cjworkshop2009@hotmail.co.uk

We also need proof readers for the script. Just to make sure theres no mistakes. Send an email to the same address if your interested.

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