Obscurity Chapter One - My Real Heroic Dream

Hey all just finished the first chapter of my new series. It is in two parts below.


Part 1

Part 2

You can watch the trailer and get more info on the film at www.cjworkshop.co.uk :slight_smile:

Watched the first one. God, I loved this so much. The animations were somewhat cheesy at times (The custom ones were good, though, just the general smoothness), but some of the action was VERY cleverly thought out. How did you do the bullet effect?

My only other complaint would be to work more on the text boxes. Towards the end you started making a few spelling and grammatical mistakes. Not a big deal, but still, maybe just read through it once more.

Anyways, 5/5 just because of the art direction and style.

THat was the coolest best done fight scene ever! :smiley:

It was not bad, but the most animations were extreme stiff and the most effect were really badly made and placed (especially the blood)

You also should spend more time editing it, I mean… come on, what is this?

Also for a graphic novel the in realtime recorded buggy scene was pretty unfitting and the repeating animations kinda ruined some scenes.

I don’t want to make this project bad or anything, but there was too much you could have done MUCH better.


ON a related note, I did enjoy the style, the story telling was pretty good I suppose.

Thanks for the comments. Its a lot of editing for one person, it seems like ive been working on it forever :stuck_out_tongue: I will work harder on chapter 2 to make it as smooth as possible and without mistakes.

The editing irritates my eyes a little, but it is very original.

Nice voice acting and story line.
I like it! :v:

I really enjoyed it. I also like the voiceacting, sounds so true.

“My muscles are aching from all the action”

Made me :q:

Wow, pretty sick. The bump mapping looked horrible on the faces though, but I still loved the style of this. How did you do those certain jumping and popping out of cover animations?

Again, don’t get me wrong here. I do like the project and some of the scenes are pretty well done. But if you set yourself high targets, then you have to work harder.

I also work now since 3 months on a graphic novel and I know how exhausting it can be but the mistakes you made there could be fixed in notime.

Just put a bit more work in the 2nd chapter.

I don’t like the filters. And the gunshot wounds or should I say “holes” made it pretty humoristic. You should work on it. But the story is good.

The bullet and the popping out of cover is done with the model viewer. I then use sony vegas to mask objects in front of the player.

Just made a poster for the first chapter. I done it for college. Its my first time using adobe. What do you guys think of it ?

I really like it, however there are a few things that must be changed:

The ‘bullet hole’ or whatever that is in the head of the guy in front looks very badly brushed on, I would recommend either replacing it or finding a bullet hole brush set.

Also, the title and credits below look very crappy, the font just looks like an edited version of Impact. I’d recommend finding a more dramatic font, and also change both you and you’re buddies’ name to a different font as well

Try some fonts from those three sections, they will do nothing but help you.

PS: come to think of it: http://www.dafont.com/lemony-snickets-a-s.font would look REALLY cool as the “Obscurity” title.

Thanks for the ideas. That site could be of much use to me.