Observations after being away for a long time.

What’s happened to this forum or the mapping community as a whole? I decided to stop visiting here and also have not mapped in a while, but after almost a year all I can say is… this forum has degraded. In half the threads I find I come across users advising people to use carve, hollow and following all these horrible practices and even worse there is NOBODY advising them not to. I find tutorials where carve is advised and even some where people tell you to create big hollowed sky boxes around the map.

There a few new skills I have noticed and some people have improved a lot. But overall, holy shit what the fuck is happening?

Everything is slowly dying :confused:

We do tell them not to carve, but some just don’t listen. We try to advise them to the best, but people tend to take the easy, sloppy way of mapping instead…

I’ve been away for a year too, and hell, it’s changed alright.

What’s happening?
Nothing. That’s what’s going on here. I kinda left this place too. Mainly because there’s nothing going on here. No major projects, no original ideas, nothing to look forward to. I only take a look at the Pimpage Thread now and then, but I barely post.

What threads are you looking at? Whenever I see the word “carve” get mentioned in this forum, it’s usually followed by 20+ “CARVE IS BAD!” replies.

Also, thats another thing. As Larry_G said, ALL THE THREADS HERE ARE EXACTLY THE SAME AS THEY WERE A YEAR AGO!!! ahhh!

Generally noobs who threaten to carve shit receive threats of their own: namely the death kind.

I agree, but some ideas are original. You just have to search hard to find them, 'cause there’s not much of 'em.

Personally, I’m working on an L4D campaign, nothing really original right now but it’s getting there, Trying to get the basics out first. And if just those cubemaps would stop buggering me.

Everyone advises them not to carve and hollow, its just people don’t listen. They think the quickest way is always the best. Maps take time to make and all the novice mappers think that good maps can be made in 2 days. We gotta teach them that good maps take weeks even months to make and that the clip tool is your friend.

I generally don’t bother posting stuff or reading many of the threads. I usually just browse the pimpage thread, take the occasional peek into releases to see if anything nice has been released and then back into lurking.

Ideally we need some new WIPs that are decent, creative and will actually get finished.

Hey, smart thinking champ. Let’s whine about shit posts and threads by making one to add to the pile. How about you become proactive and help eliminate these posts on “users helping others use carve” (even though they don’t exist) instead of making a thread to whine about it?

It’s all about 3kliksphilip

I’m sorry we’ve failed you shadow :’(

But seriously, nothing has changed, just new names and a fresh perspective for you.

Someone needs to write a definitive, informative post on how carve is wrong, so any time it crops up we can end the inevitable argument directly. Between carve and 3kliksphilip arguments this forum is getting really clogged up.

Or, or, we cull every single thread in the mapping section and start over.