Ocarina Model/Prop

So I’ve been going through all the Zelda models out there, and it strikes me that, unless I’ve overlooked it somewhere, there’s not a single model of an Ocarina for Gmod.

I would figure this would be an important piece for anyone doing Zelda poses, but also I feel it would be a nice simple addition in general, and could be good for a variety of uses.

So if anyone could either make or find an Ocarina model, that would be much appreciated. Just as a simple prop would be great, I think.


Real Ocarina (based on Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time);


Ocarina (from Ocarina of Time);


Other examples (including other kinds of Ocarina);

If anyone is interested in getting their own Ocarina, I also recommend that website. I got mine there and it’s well worth it.

Anyway, so if anyone could make an Ocarina model and rig it as a prop for Gmod, it would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Full suport!

I second the motion!!!

Motion carried.



Mirror #1

Holy crap, that’s fast…and amazing! Thank you so much!

I’ll test it as soon as I get a chance, and I’ll throw together a couple screenshots too.

I really appreciate this!

Sorry for the bump, but I decided to give this model a test and made a screenshot or two…they’re probably not the best around, but I was really just testing it out;

I’d embed them, but they’re kind of large.

RedRogue, this model is excellent! It’s beautiful to look at and easy to work with. Thanks again!