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Current Version - 1.4; Tators beware!!: http://bit.ly/GmodOoT

** Version History **

Version 1.0 - Basic Ocarina

Version 1.1 - Versatility and Completion

Version 1.2 - Now with more BEN

Version 1.3 - Innocents better fear!

** Version 1.4 - Tators beware! **




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cool, I guess.

Alright, time to sumo BEN!

An update is imminent, as I cleaned up the way the sounds emit, how it registers each sound, so on and so forth.

Planned for the next update are the warp songs and some songs from Majora’s Mask.
MAYBE warping of the songs. The revision of the code can allow functions of each song now, so warping will be done first.

A clean script, is a happy script.

You foiled my secret update for this… I was planning on adding some easter eggs, but I guess I won’t say what I have planned.

Is there an “date” confirmed for the update?

Also, i made as soon as i downloaded 2 songs: Song of Healing and Song of Soaring, if you want, PM me

I’m hoping for end of day. It doesn’t take me a while to update something.

Thanks, I’ll send you a PM.

PM sent!

Update will be released by the end of the day. I still need to get the warp songs added. I couldn’t help toy around with the Song of Unhealing (Down Right Left Down Down Right Left, With the Song of Healing notes reversed, it’ll overlap Saria’s Song.) Spent some time watching the BEN videos to observe what I could add, and I got enough I can get easily (there’s no Elegy of Emptiness statue as far as I checked.)

EDIT:I was wrong. I guess I’ll study manipulating props to follow someone. Shouldn’t be hard.
I’ll record a video of all the BEN effects, along with what I got for the other songs (Epona spawns Jeep, Sun Song freezes all NPCs in a 128 radius, a quote for the Song of Storms).

Planning on manipulating’s Garry’s Mod time (like the black hole mod) so I can double or halve time with the Song of (Inverse/Double) Time.

I’m open for suggestions for effects of songs. It’ll be easy to add with the rewritten note system. Warp locations are going to be map-based, so assistance with mapping the locations would be appreciated. Serenade of Water will teleport to the lake on gm_construct, Nocturn of Shadow to the dark room, and Prelude of Light to the color room. Those seem to only fit for gm_construct.

Thanks! Arrow placement and everything is correct.

// ========== //

I’m not going to upload the latest update to garrysmod.org until I record an update video, which will be later.

I know I said I would get it out by the end of the day, but I did massive bug checks, and had assistance with a friend that wanted to try out the mod. We got carried away with evasion and using warp songs to hide, and Song of Unhealing to plot revenge.

Latest Version (As of 1.18.2012) - http://bit.ly/GmodOoT


Latest version (As of 1.12.2012) is at: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=127972
Latest version is always at: http://bit.ly/GmodOoT

An update video is uploading as I type this.

Now with more BEN!

Are the effects supposed to be as delayed as they are? That’s somewhat irritating.

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Also, I don’t suppose you could make it so the Song of Soaring doesn’t reset your health and ammo pools?

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Now, I’m just thinking out loud here, but I don’t suppose a mod like this could be refitted as Clementine from Brutal Legend?

bug report

I have fixed some stuff if that’s okay, the Ocarina now uses all medium length sounds that are of good quality, i fixed the Song of Healing/Unhealing being so loud, the Redead scream sounded kind of low quality so i fixed that, and fixed the Elegy statue spawn sound because it was kind of low quality and had other game sounds in it

Do you want me to PM you it or are you gonna leave it as it is?

In the code, once the mod registers that a song is played, the song is delayed 1.5 seconds (there was massive overlapping of the notes and then the song), and the effect is started 11.5 seconds when it’s registered (So enough time for the song to end)

I have some irritations with the delay, and I’ll drop 5 seconds in the delay in a future update

I suppose I could do some risky store-all-weapons-and-ammo-and-health-and-set-them-after-spawning maneuver (Or just take the player’s table, store it, respawn the plyer, and then set the table to the stored table), but it could be risky, and it can fail. There’s an easier method to set the player’s position, but that’ll have to be map-dependent. I’ll see what I can do.

The only thing that will need to be changed is the GUI and sounds, as well as how the notes will draw out. Some things needs to be redone such as changing how the songs are called (Via a derma menu (drawing the positioning of the notes, and just focus on the song) versus drawing the menu, being open-ended, one mistake can be cancelled by starting over what you were doing ), but it can be. Needs modifications to do that.

From the looks of the background, it’s an issue with how it’s drawing. I have a dedi server that has the addon, and tested for any issues with the mod disabled on my side, and invited people without the addon and they worked fine.

I don’t want to say to reinstall it, there’s a possibility that there’s a conflicting addon. I had the same issue when I was making the HUD for my gamemode and it was looking like that.

A PM would be nice, I planned on getting better quality sounds since the notes I decided to rip out of the songs and those are varied by the beats(?).

When you play the Elegy of Emptiness in multiplayer, the statue spawns under your feet. Or, more frequently, falls into the world.

That happens to me in singleplayer

Also, when you play the Song of Unhealing, when it plays the "ben_is_lonely’ sound, you should die as the scream is heard after the fairy says “Watch out!” similar to how the screen goes black when the screen is heard in Jadusable’s video

I’m still looking on how to fix it. I tried to set it’s movetype to none and it failed. I suppose trying to set it higher would fix it.

I’ll have it do that. I forgot that happened when I was adding the code…
Thanks! They’re perfect!

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Uh oh… I just found a margin of error to happen. Nothing breaks or anything, just a small error that may annoy some people with it.

When using the Sun’s Song to stun NPCs, if you kill one before… 10 seconds passed, then it’ll give a NULL entity error. I can fix it easily, I just won’t be able to release it until a next update (hopefully soon). I can update the dropbox link though.

It has been a while since I updated it, or this thread.

Lots of changes! It works for TTT, lots of bug fixes, commands (now you can have notes not overlap, force local mode, and have orchestral versions of the song play), and more features (Song of Healings now loop, and Lost Woods loops when playing Saria’s Song).

YouTube update video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCHpPB_R3VU