Occarina of Time prop

Could someone make a model of the Occarina of Time, it dont need it to play music or anything I just want the prop.

also if anyone feels like it I wouldnt mind seeing a model of Lazerbeak from transformers.

Would be awesome if it could play the song too

it would but I just need the prop

Models can’t play sounds, you have to do that via mapping/scripting.

Sure, I will have it done by tomorrow.


Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mdf0mw423thd3eh/oot.rar It goes in the add on folder.


K thanx, Now I just have to find someone who wants to take on the Lazerbeak challange

No problem, I just found the model and made my own texture from a pic I found for it.

It could play sounds embedded into sequences. Even if the model just appeared idle, you could have a sound play on loop and just have the sequence run as long as the sound, then stop.
Would mean you could make it play sounds via ent_fire commands or Hammer I/O.