Occulus Rift Support is now Possible

Hey after the release on steam its now Possible to add the Oculus Rift Support . I heard and read with the Unity engine is it easy to Add support.

So whats about the support and what you are thinking.

i mean how cool is it to run away from a Zed and look behind yourself to see where it is :smiley:

The Oculus Rift is awesome.

Imagine rushing through forests away from hordes of naked madmen.

I’ll test it out with my Oculus Rift and give you some feedback.

It would need a decent amount of work to get working, unfortunately the rift has such low resolution that UI’s are nearly impossible without weird tricks like making it float infront of you and having the player turn their head to see all of it, also we use a bunch of strange render tricks to get unity to handle such a large map so our work would be cut out for us, I’d like to do it someday, however

i’ve been trying to tweak this for two days, and the only thing i managed to make is a massive nausea.