Occupational Hazards: Sticky Note Shorts #1

Sorry for the wait, for those of you that have no idea what this comic is, who these characters are, etc…I apologize. It’s been awhile since I’ve made an “Occupational Hazards” anything…

Wordy-facty Stuff

  • The guy in the blue jumpsuit is “Linford” an Aperture Science Sanitary Environment Supervisor (just came up with that, pretty spiffy eh?)
  • I feel bad for the sentry guns, sure they have a cushy job, but is it really worth listening to that automated bitch all day?
  • I’ve rekindled my love for the cube :lovewcc:

All of my projects are currently ON HOLD.

Sorry folks, shit happens.

had to read through it like 4 times to understand what happened, funny :v:


Makes me wanna go play Portal again.

I know man, it’s just one of those games…