Oceanic #1 Rust WarFare. Looking for Rivals

Hello all, we are currently on our server and we’re looking for Clans to fight with, either noob or Pro we welcome all.

Our server runs Rust++, Sleeping, No Insta-Craft, and very Active Admins.

Ideally we would like to have around 85-100 People on the server during Peak times for Warfare.

If you think your clan can give us a good rivalry, add m4_penguin@hotmail.com to Steam, or find the server on direct connect with

Hope to see you guys soon!

jippie new way to promote your own server!

How else are we going to find other clans that want to war lol?

go search for a server where already a lot of clans are?

So i guess those other clans should just aimlessly hope they run into another one? we’re encouraging clans that want Warfare to come to our server and punch on with us, i don’t see what your problem is.

Elitism is the Problem.

I didn’t know this game was now counter strike.

[sp]It isn’t.[/sp]

or play a competitive game…you missed the goal about Rust

Just a little bit of a heads up. Having a “clan owned” server and inviting other “clans” to come fight you on your server just promotes the call outs of admin abuse when things occur. Not saying it will happen from the admin side, but you’ll see most people will call that out if you look through the forums or actually play on a heavy server as an admin.