OCRP reveiw

Well its acually well set up but the admins are morons. I back up and a guy runs in front of my car and gets hit. Then i m kicked for that. The games also VERY laggy.

wow best review ever very detailed tells me loads would read again derp

What do you expect from a edited perp.

This isn’t a review, it’s a few words explaining how stupid the OP is.

Get your facts right. It’s not.

Also, I smell someone who’s butthurt. Even the title has errors in it.

Servers great. Way better than PERP, hands down.

He is butt hurt hes hosting an unauthorized PERP2 and he doesn’t seem to understand that this was fully coded from scratch.

Oh haha, I am not butthurt I assure you.

Not you, the OP.

The first line of my respons was adressed to you.

Amazing review you should do it for a living OP.

This review changed my life , before reading it i was a no good lousy drug addict, now i am a fine working man with a beutifull wife and two kids and a big house

Its not a bad gamemode at all. I like being able to put items down for sale and i also like the way that skills work.

The only thing i don’t like is the server reliability (It went down 4 times in about 40 minutes)

That’s mostly because we take them down to fix major bugs. (allmost) All crashes that are not engine related have been fixed now.

well u r right

Can’t you read what I said? It’s NOT perp!




Thread is full of idiots.


Orange Cosmos is actually good

-snip screw it-

I enjoy serious roleplay, when coming to orange cosmos I though “Great a semi-serious” it’s actually the most fun I’ve had RPing in a while, with a full server you get lots of players and RPing as a cop is always fun, there are only like 5 idiots in the server at a time! :open_mouth:

Man this thread doesn’t deserve the A grade thread will read again comment.

OCRP is amazing and really fun, only problem I had with this was one time during a hostage situation, but fuck that was only because the RP at that moment was getting boring.